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 More about | Message from the Management  |  Our Philosophy is a Cyprus company that provides Internet and technology services to the real estate industry, online property listings and related services to buyers and sellers in Cyprus and beyond. If you want ton list your properties for free , please click here.

The company has experienced significant growth since its formation and its web site,, is the leading real estate site in Cyprus as measured by independent Internet researchers.

It is consistently ranked as one of Cyprus's 50 most visited web sites due to its:

  • powerful domain name

  • more functional and faster search engine

  • provision of information (in addition to listings) related to Cyprus real estate; and

  • strong track record of sales leads for real estate agents and developers. provides a medium for developers, real estate agents and individual sellers to advertise their listings on the Internet and for potential buyers to search for properties. The company also provides a full range of Internet services to real estate agents including web design, development and hosting.

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More about

Our large selection helps you save time and money: is a pioneering property network in Cyprus offering a great selection of properties for sale, such as villas, houses, apartments, land and plots. New properties are added every day. Our effort is to include in our database almost all available properties, island-wide, so that you can save both time and money when searching on

At our aim is to make buying and selling property easier and hassle-free: Our website,, is an online, full-service residential (and soon commercial) property listing and information system. Visitors can have access to many properties with details, photos, floor plans, location maps, full-colour video tours and more. You can perform simple or advanced searches, set property alerts, and read real estate newsletters.

Offices in Cyprus and in the United Kingdom: We are dedicated to serving potential buyers wherever they are, while at the same time attaining in-depth knowledge of the local markets we list properties for. This creates the necessity for to be physically present island-wide.

Comprehensive assistance throughout the property selling-buying process: Our experienced team will help you find the property that suits your needs, or help you sell your own property, while at the same time offering you all the advice you need to make sure this will be a successful transaction (assistance such as, obtaining a home loan at the best interest rates and terms, quick and accurate valuations, legal advice - especially the new laws covering the purchase of property in Cyprus by EU citizens, after-sale support and more...)

Focus on the customer: At we believe that the most important factor in any property transaction isn't actually the bricks and mortar. It is the people whose lives will be affected by the outcome. The sellers, the buyers and their families. It is without doubt one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. It is also one of the most emotional. That's why we see our main job as helping you through this maze with honest practices and constant communication and that will keep you up to date with what's happening.

Real Estate is about developing partnerships based on mutual trust. That's why we will spend time listening and learning about your particular situation and getting to understand your expectations. We want your experience to be both painless and profitable. We want your business again and again.

We promise to always stay ahead of the legal, technological and other factors that affect our business in order to be able to provide you with World-Class service. And we vouch that along the way, we will never lose sight of the fact that people are, our best property.


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Message from the Management of

First of all, I would like to extend a warm welcome to meet with us face to face. Maybe the Internet is an amazing tool that can provide you with all your pre-sale or buying needs, however, nothing can substitute a physical meeting. We can meet at any of our offices or any other place most suited for you.

I do not want to bore you with lots of details, I know you are here to find your future property or sell your existing one, so I will keep this brief and in point format:

  • With, you are in the expert hands of people who love what they do.

  • We guarantee our assistance to help you for all your real estate needs from A to Z

  • Our approach to real estate is spherical, encompassing all the latest technologies (such as the Internet), and traditional methods (physical offices, property viewings and face to face presentations). However, the center of our spherical approach is always the customer.

  • Our mission is to exceed our visitors' expectations and our promise is to do just that, in a number of ways.

Our purpose is to make you feel at home when selling or buying property through The only way we can do this is to have your constant feedback. Being the Managing Director of the company, it is my responsibility to provide guidance and direction to our team of partners, employees and associates. More than just vision, this requires good communication with you. Therefore, it will be a real pleasure for me to receive your comments about anything and everything.

Truly yours,

The Managing Director
Contact me directly

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Our philosophy, our vision, our mission :

We believe in Value.
Value for all those that deal with us. Creating value through our services for our customers, suppliers and associates. Value created through our daily confrontation with reality. We believe in value generated by constant improvement... We believe in the old motto, that seems to have been forgotten these days, "of leaving behind something, better than when we found it."

We believe that in a rapidly changing world, featuring globality and vanishing borders, all enterprises, of any size, must and can, today, perform as the "top of the class" and we aim to be just that, "top of our class", and nothing less!

We believe in Integration.
We believe that integration is going to be the key feature of the new economy. Integration is associated with flexibility, adaptability, government and control of change: all important features in our world of today and tomorrow. Integration is associated with overall view, overall control, and overall, holistic approach to performance. Only an integrated view ("See the forest, not the trees..." can produce valid, high level results.

We believe in Simplicity.
We believe that being in business, performing well as an Enterprise, providing services, is and should be simple, and, most of all, be kept simple, especially in a world in which a predominant feature is complexity. It is our continual aim to simplify and make very practical our dynamics, processes, and approaches.

We believe in Creativity.
We believe that Creativity (and not Products, Services, Finance, Technology, Management abilities...) is and is going to be the only and real factor of competitiveness in the next millennium. Creativity is the ultimate secret for achieving high levels of Quality, Productivity and Customers' Satisfaction. Creativity is the spark that makes the difference between an Enterprise's excellence or mediocrity.

We believe in People.
People are the most important resource of any Enterprise, as people may make the difference between its failure or its success.

We believe that it is our primary responsibility to create an environment in which people are given the possibility of performing at high levels. And we believe that this can be obtained by critically designing processes in which people work, and in which people are empowered to generate high levels of value through their efforts, their creativity, their commitment, and their thorough understanding of the process/es to which they are assigned and for which they have high levels of responsibility and accountability. We also believe that responsibility and accountability for a process are a major pre-requisite for people to obtain high levels of job satisfaction.

We believe that work must be a very pleasant experience for all employees, a gymnasium in which people can practice, test and prove themselves, set challenges, improve, excel and be highly satisfied. And we believe that this is easily achievable.

The above is our vision and our operational philosophy.
It is our mission, and our thorough commitment, to stay focused on these values, with the aim of achieving higher and higher levels of performance. It is our commitment to do our very best, with honesty and professionalism, to create real value for all those that deal with us.

Along these lines, it is also our commitment and pleasure to get in deep contact with customers from many countries, and with diversified cultures, and to serve the exact needs of people when they are dealing in the property market.

A great inspiration to our philosophy, mission and vision has been our good friend and business consultant, Carlo Scodanibbio. If you are interested in learning more on how you too, can be a World Class Performer in your sector, we suggest you visit Carlo and see what he has to say. Really invaluable!

Frequently Asked Questions about

What is

How to search for a property?

Why buy a home with

How often is updated?

What are the benefits of buying or selling with vs. other traditional estate agents?

What does MLS mean?

Do I have to pay if you show me houses that I may want to buy? 

How many houses can I tour before I choose one? 

What is is a huge property portal, covering all areas in Cyprus. is an online, full-service property listing and information system. is an online property shop, and a marketing company specialized in property promotions. By utilizing technology and the Internet, enables you to search through a unique database to find the property that suits your needs.

We can provide all the necessary expertise to assist in the smooth running of the purchase process, through our ability to recommend local professionals and by understanding the specific nature of the Cypriot property buying procedures.

How to search for a property?

There are 4 ways to search for a property.

Simple Search
MLS or DEV number Search
Regional Search
Advanced Search

Why buy a home through

Simply, because we promise to get you the best deal! The most important reason is that we will look after your interests. Being totally independent of Cypriot developers, real estate agents or individual sellers, the only interest we have in mind is yours. We look for long term, mutually beneficial relationships, and we know that this is only achievable through the strict minding of the interests of our customer, you.

read our philosophy is the online property market that promotes the properties of a great number of property developers, contractors and individual property sellers in Cyprus. So basically, if its on the market, has it online.

How often is updated? is updated daily with the latest properties that become available on the market.

What are the benefits of buying or selling with vs. other traditional estate agents? makes buying and selling property as easy as 1,2,3, by providing consistently updated information, the convenience of the Internet, experienced real estate professionals, and cost savings to clients.

Furthermore, supplies access to property data, photos, location information, and much more. Buyers and sellers have more control over the property buying process. 

What does MLS mean?

MLS stands for Multiple Listing System which is the property database of Each MLS code is a unique number that represents a single property which is listed in our database. You can have direct access to the data of a particular property by searching using the MLS Code. In some cases, you might also see a DEV number. A DEV number is in cases where the listing concerns a Development Project, instead of just a single property.

Do I have to pay you  if you show me houses that I may want to buy? 

Certainly Not. Using the services of  is absolutely free . In fact, when you buy a home with us you have additional benefits (better prices, time saving, professional consultancy, legal information, etc...).

How many houses can I tour before I choose one? 

As many as you like. However, please bear in mind  that other potential buyers are also looking at the same homes. Consequently, if you spend a lot of time searching, you might miss out on the home you really wanted. 


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